Jean-Baptiste Bres

Chief Information Security Officer

Action(s) might rise again

In my previous post, I was announcing the end of support of Action(s). I have been receving a lot of emails and message supporting Action(s) and some ideas to have this incredible tool continue to work and evolve.

Obviously, as I mentionned previously, I cannot continue to work on Action(s) in the current situation. I do not have time to do so. To be able to evolve, I should be able to dedicate part or full of my professional time to it. Due to my current job, part time is not an option, and full time would be possible only if Action(s) was actually creating an income, which it is not.

One of the solutions that have been suggested to me would be to try raising some funds via a crowdfunding platform. I like this idea. If I could raise enough funds to pay myself, I could dedicate myself full time to this project and update and upgrade Action(s) to a new level.
However, to be viable, such a solution would mean that, ultimately, Action(s) would also became a paying tool. Yes, not free anymore. Probably only a few dollars, but not free. Why? Because is Action(s) could rise thanks to crowfunding, a business model is also required to keep it aflow. People that helped with the funding would get a license for free, but new users, ultimately, would be what will make the tool running.

It would not need too much money to start. But I do not know yet if it would possible to raise it. I will be working on that in the coming months...

Feel free to share with me what you think about this idea, and also to let me know if you would be ready to participate to such a funding, to pay for the tool, or what new functionalities you would like to see to make this interresting...