Jean-Baptiste Bres

Chief Information Security Officer

End of support (at least for now)

Dear users,

[Update 21/12/2013] As a few users have been asking, Action(s) is now available as a standalone application at Make sure that you have Java installed.

It has been 4 years now since the introduction of Action(s). 4 great and interresting years. Action(s) has been downloaded over a million time and we got a lot of great feedback from all around the world!

Unfortunatelly, as for anything in the world, Action(s) needs time and money to live.

For time, I have unfortunatelly to admit that, though I have tried various options, I do not have any to spend on this project anymore. My real work - the one that pays my bills - is more and more demanding, which give me less time for my family and personal projects. Choises have to be made. Unfortunatelly I have to let down Action(s), at least for a while.

As per money, I was hoping that donations would help to pay the expenses associated with the development of Action(s): hosting, software etc. Unfortunately, over 4 years and with all the users that show support, donations have always remain very low. Not enough the pay the bills. Far from it.

It is therefore time to put the Action(s) project on hold. Hopefully not for ever, but for a while. The time for me to concentrate on my carreer and my family.

The project will remain online, but no more support or new version will be posted in the coming future. Our forum will also stay online. It will remain a place where users can assist each other.
I however remain open to hear you if you are interrested to take over the work under one form or another. Feel free to contact me.

Thanks again to all of you for your interrest, support, ideas, donations... It was a great time for me. Hopefully Action(s) has been usefull for you too.


Jean-Baptiste Bres