Jean-Baptiste Bres

Chief Information Security Officer

NSA's Best Practices for Security your Home Network

In a very recent piece of news, it was revealed that LastPass, a wildly used password manager, fail victim to a cyber attack and got all their customer data (i.e. the users stored passwords) stolen in the form of an encrypted database. Because the database was encrypted, the hackers could not access the content, so they proceed by attacking the personal home devices of one of the only 4 employees that had access to database password, and managed to break into his network and stole that password, getting access to all customer data.
That is a very committed hacker, but sadly, that is the reality: we are now all targets at home, because it is often easier to break into someone personal device and use it as a leverage to attack their organisation they work for.

Just as timely as this news is the recent publication by the NSA of their Best Practices for Security your Home Network. These are great recommendations that we can only recommend everyone to have a look at and, when possible, implement at your home!