Jean-Baptiste Bres

Chief Information Security Officer

Action(s) is on Serbian TV

Action(s) got the honors of the Serbian TV in the Interfejs [Interfaces] TV program.
Interfejs is one of the most popular program on Serbian TV, with 400.000 viewers every week, so we are very proud that they decided to present our application in their show:

If, like me, you unfortunatelly do not understand Serbian, you can still discover the content of the article in English with Google Translate.

At, we found their introduction very interresting as it reflects exactly what we have been trying to achieve with Action(s):

If you ask customers what is the most important thing that has changed with the usage of computers, we believe that in many cases the answer will be: "Now it is possible to do many tasks and routines much faster and with more efficiently than before." A statement with which we entirely agree. Nevertheless, the degree of automation depends on the capabilities of your tools. If you have to perform a set of actions and steps, and nobody has ever written a program with such a purpose, you’re left with not some many solutions.