Jean-Baptiste Bres

Chief Information Security Officer

Unto the breach: let’s face up to data security

We just published an article that talks about data security and how we, at Xinja, are protecting our customers. Let us know what you think!

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Cyber Attack Conference Sydney 2019

I am very honoured to be one of the speakers at the upcoming Cyber Attack 2019 Conference in Sydney on October 17th. I will be facilitating a round table discussion on how to implement a security Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy.

Let's. Go.

Xinja has officially a full banking licence! We will be opening our first bank accounts today! 🥳



Xinja is #5 top startups to work for now!

Xinja is #5 top startups to work for now! 🏆🏆

Australian banks face secret penetration tests

An interesting initiative from NPP (which coordinate the open access infrastructure for fast payments in Australia, PayID). Following the PayID lookup attacks that occurred in the last months, they might now perform secret penetration tests to ensure that participating banks are up to the right level of protection. 💡


What will future jobs look like?

A very interesting talk from economist Andrew McAfee on how jobs will change in the future. Yes, droids will take our jobs -- or at least the kinds of jobs we know now. In this far-seeing talk, he thinks through what future jobs might look like, and how to educate coming generations to hold them.

Super Risk Symposium - Melbourne 14/08

I was honoured to be one of the speakers at the Super Risk Symposium organised by the AIST in Melbourne on 14/08.

It was a great session, on the impact of the new CPS 234 regulation, thanks to Rob Pickering who facilitated the debate and to Joss Howard and Matt O'Keefe for their great insights.


Security Designer @ Xinja

Last but not least, we are also hiring a Security Designer, a strategically critical role in defining and assessing Xinja’s security strategy, architecture and practices.

If you think this is something for you, contact me or visit Xinja career website for more information.

Security Designer

Info Sec GRC Manager @ Xinja

Another great opening in the Xinja Security Team. We are looking for an Information Security GRC Manager!

This is a key role for the organisation: You will manage the information risk and security governance, focussing on raising standards and awareness, as well as providing assurance and monitoring compliance with policies and standards.

If you think this is something for you, contact me or visit Xinja career website for more information.

More openings coming soon…

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DevSecOps role @ Xinja

Another great new security-related role we are recruiting for at Xinja: we are looking for a DevSecOps engineer with a focus on security automation. You’ll be embedded in the DevOps team to facilitate continuous delivery of secure, quality software to the Xinja Banking Platform using DevSecOps practices and principles. You’ll need to have a broad cross section of skills along with a strong consultative approach.
You’ll work with software engineers and security experts to ensure that the right practices are in place and to take the security lead on automating the path to production to enable deployment of changes with no manual intervention and in a highly secure manner.
We run a small, crack team of DevOps engineers to help us to build out a world class continuous integration and delivery pipeline for the Xinja Banking Platform as we continue to scale at pace. You will ensure security standards are upheld and secure coding practices maintained.
You should know that we do things a little differently at Xinja. You won’t be micromanaged and will have the flexibility to choose the tools you need to get your work done. Along with the team you work with, you’ll be given autonomy on how you design and build DevSecOps processes as long as it stays within the guidance of the Xinja Software Development Lifecycle and Information Security Management System. You should be comfortable with pushing new tools and processes and challenging the norms of secure software development and deployment.

If you think this is something for you,
contact me or visit Xinja career website for more information.

More openings coming soon…